Course: Crisis Management
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The teacher makes an introduction to the lesson with commenting that the pupils have already done a lot of good work on the crisis management topic and explains that this lesson is to show another aspect of crises – crisis as an opportunity. (Applicable if they did some of the lessons 1.1-1.4).

The teacher sums the content of the last 2 chapters of the Crisis management guide with his own words. He can use the examples from the guide or his own.


MAIN PART (30 minutes)**:

The pupils will be creating a BLOG POST. The content post should be about how to turn a crisis into an opportunity. The content can be something general or based on a case they are familiar with. Each pupil works individually, but if the teacher decides the output will be more creative if done in groups, they can also work in teams of 2-3 pupils. The blog posts can then be published on the learning platform of the CRIS project.


        In each national section, the teachers are able to register and upload content. Follow the link to the CRIS project website:




·       Name your blog (just to make it more fun for pupils)

·       Create a blog post on the topic Crisis as an opportunity

·       Create a graphic for the blog (summing up the content and the story you want to present) – optional



a)     Ending the lesson in 45 min:

The teacher asks a few students to present their work. The rest of the pupils hand in their work to the teachers, who should read them and keep the ideas in mind for future work on similar topics.

b)     Ending the lesson in 90 min:

The pupils have till the end of the first 45-min session and the first 15 min of the next session to work on their task. The presentations take place in the final part of the last session (20-25 min). The presentation is preferably visual – using a computer and projector.


Presentation ideas:

    Full content is presented

    Pupils present the graphic of the blog post. First, they let the classmates guess what story the post is trying to tell and then present the content they prepared in the blog post. (In this case the teacher should let the students know ahead that their graphic should aim to tell the full story.)


ASSESSMENT (5 minutes):

The teacher comments on pupils work and encourages them to keep in mind that crises can also be opportunities and that they should try this approach also when presented with difficult situations in real life.




Lesson materials

CRIS Crisis Management - LU 1.5 (En).docx 4 mb Download
CRIS Crisis Management - LU 1.5 (Greece).docx 6 mb Download
CRIS Crisis Management - LU 1.5 (Italy).docx 5 mb Download