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Welcome to CRIS Project

Through history and during the COVID-19 pandemic that severely affected the EU, as well as the entire world, it became evident that we are not prepared well enough to successfully manage such situations. However, tens of thousands of individuals from around the world were extremely fast to respond to the life-dependent situation of lack of medical and personal protection equipment (PPE). The observation, that triggered the need for this project, was that majority of these individuals shared the same 3 key characteristics:

  1. Prosocial behaviour and genuine concern and care for people
  2. The “can do” attitude where and when presented with a challenge
  3. Awareness of key enabling STEM and digital technologies


CRIS Objectives

  • The main objective is to prepare, equip and guide teachers in line with the needs of generation Z on use of entrepreneurial and growth mindset, 3D printing, and Virtual and Augmented Reality to help develop prosocial and proactive behaviour when presented with a challenge or a threat.
  • By empowering pupils to make decisions and lead directions through the project-based, immersive educational approaches with elements of gamification and competition we provide a more innovative, stimulating, inclusive and lasting STEM and ICT education.


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